The K2 order picking systems – automatically more efficient

Providing customers with the best possible advice and support, being there for them personally and having time for them: therein lies the expertise and core responsibility of your pharmacy team. Everything else is extra, and should cause as little additional work as possible. Why burden valuable expert personnel with routine tasks – such as the sorting of medicines, the handling of returned goods or the provisioning of branch pharmacies?

The fully automatic K2 order picking system not only does all this faster but also much more efficiently. It handles logistical operations so accurately in the background that you do not have to worry about a thing. Rearranging the sliding cabinets, searching of and fetching packages, and writing off expired medicines are all consigned to the past.

The result is that you and your employees have considerably less stress and more time for consultation. No more time-consuming running back and forth: you stay in the dispensary and in contact with the customer – a clear advantage for you. And the space saved in the warehouse opens up totally new possibilities for the layout of your pharmacy.